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North Las Vegas, NV

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[Equipment] Best HotSpot?

Hey guys,

I think I am going to switch to Clearwire for my mobile needs now that Sprint is capping at 5gigs. I rarely ever go over 5gigs on the hotspot, but it's the principle.

Is there a specific device that is known for the best signal? Just FYI I drive for work and use the internet on the road. Right now I get near full 4G signal on Sprint in all the areas I drive, so I'm not terribly worried. Which of the devices would you recommend, do any of them have an external antenna port and is that worth getting? I don't mind getting a hub rather than a spot if it gets better signal and still works on the go...



North Las Vegas, NV
Some further details....

Is there ANY difference between the WiMax signal on the Voyager vs the home modems? Do the home modems generally get better signal?

Right now I leave my Sprint Galaxy SII in the car with the hotspot turned on. Walk up to houses and often have to use the internet there. I'm concerned that the WiFi signal from the Voyagar spot won't go far enough. As is with my Galaxy SII it's not pretty, but it goes farther than the 100 feet advertised with the Voyager Spot.

Do the home modems work on the go? IE: Does anyone know if they will jump tower to tower in a moving car just fine? I have AC power in the car so I am not at all against using one of the home modems in the car.

Warwick, RI
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The black hub express (wixfbr-131) has an external antenna port however you will be left with the task to find a suitable antenna for your car. Home modem uploads are capped at 1 mbps while the mobile hotspot devices can do 1.5 mbps i believe however i am not 100% certain on this or if it is the USB devices that can do 1.5 up. The hub express wixfbr-131 can sent WIFI up to 150 feet max under ideal conditions but figure less in real world especially a mobile setting you are describing. You will also have to figure a way to secure this so it doesn't fly around in your car / truck. Another set back is be careful the foot doesn't break if you need to hustle and bustle it around a lot. If you want something easy to transport then stick with the mobile devices however usable range is around 75 feet / 100 feet most likely less . As far as tower handoffs my wixfbr -117 (earlier model just before the wixfbr-131 but lacks antenna port) hands off fine between two towers i am between. Other devices should be able to handle this as well.


Andover, CT
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I've not tested the usable range on the Voyager, as I normally use mine in the same general area as I am working, but I can tell you that you can change the broadcast power for it's WiFi in its settings. It's a pretty solid little device, I've enjoyed using mine.

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Morton Grove, IL
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Milton, MA
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I'd stay with the devil you know. this company "Clearwire" is the absolute worst service. you may end up buying equipment that you will not be able to return anfter 30 days. and believe me for the first 30 days you will get good service but after that it will not be the same.


Rosharon, TX
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lol I would STRONGLY suggest avoiding clearwire entirely.

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Andover, CT
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If you have been happy with Sprint's mobile internet, then you will likely be happy with Clearwire's mobile internet, as Sprint is one of their biggest wholesale customers and you are almost certainly already on Clearwire's network.


North Las Vegas, NV
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Thank's for the input guys. I got the Clearspot Voyager and I am a little surprised by some of the differences between Sprint and Clearwire. I have opened another thread concerning the comparison and look forward to further testing through out the week.


Los Angeles, CA
I'd suggest you stick with Sprint, since they have far better coverage on their 3G AND WiMaX coverage. They'll also implementing 4G LTE and your city maybe soon.

Overall, once 4G LTE is implemented, you can get ONE PLAN with access to their 3 data network: 3G/WiMAX/LTE. They actually sell a hotspot that can accept all 3 data types.

I have Clear since the day of iSpot and I even still have my grandfathered plan ($25, unlimited data, 6 Mbps down). However, one thing I noticed is that Clear 4G doesn't work very well inside a building. I can go to places that is supposedly next to their tower and once I am inside a building.. ZERO coverage. My iSpot device manual actually recommend that I put the device NEXT to a windows (yeah right..).

And did I mention they don't have as much coverage as Sprint?

Just my 2 cents..