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North Las Vegas, NV
reply to SocialistPig

Re: [Equipment] Best HotSpot?

Some further details....

Is there ANY difference between the WiMax signal on the Voyager vs the home modems? Do the home modems generally get better signal?

Right now I leave my Sprint Galaxy SII in the car with the hotspot turned on. Walk up to houses and often have to use the internet there. I'm concerned that the WiFi signal from the Voyagar spot won't go far enough. As is with my Galaxy SII it's not pretty, but it goes farther than the 100 feet advertised with the Voyager Spot.

Do the home modems work on the go? IE: Does anyone know if they will jump tower to tower in a moving car just fine? I have AC power in the car so I am not at all against using one of the home modems in the car.


Andover, CT
I've not tested the usable range on the Voyager, as I normally use mine in the same general area as I am working, but I can tell you that you can change the broadcast power for it's WiFi in its settings. It's a pretty solid little device, I've enjoyed using mine.