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Was FUN and FREE SPEEch till PROFITS got involved

Was fun while he was developing and testing the tools back then in 2000 / 2001 . We all use to hang out in IRC channels to discuss and talk about different things to try . Was able to uncap my modem as often and as much as I needed. Things got out of hand when he started selling and making profit out of it . He authored a book and setup a website(www.tcinso.com was called back in the days) where you could pay for the tools needed and also pre-modified cable modem after some of the ISP got smart with the config files and encryption. That online store caused his undoing . Anyway got out of that scene in 2002 and have not kept up with it. You don't profit off of someone else's sweat and then claim free speech without paying for it.

Seneca, SC

Police state. Increasing your bandwidth is a Victimless crime. He should have gotten community service. Oh, wait. He didnt get convicted of stealing service. He got CONVICTED FOR SHARING KNOWLEDGE. So much for land of the free. We are only as free as our masters allow us to be.

St. John 3.16
Forest Grove, OR

Stealing bandwidth is not a victimless crime. It costs the company to provide that bandwidth and the cost is borne by the other customers. Stealing bandwidth is stealing from your neighbor and fellow consumers. This fellow intentionally facilitated that illegal activity. There are victims.

I don't want to subsidize bandwidth stolen by others. Lock them up.

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