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Sunnyvale, CA
reply to FusionOnRGYB

Re: Did not think that interior wiring made such a big differenc

said by FusionOnRGYB :

You said that any point where the copper is discontinuous causes reflections. Does that mean if wires are soldered rather than connected with the gel-filled Scotchlok connectors there will be less reflections?

Any splicing regardless of method will cause some small amount of signal degradation and reflection. The idea is to keep the number of splices low and not necessarily to worry too much about which method of splicing is better. The gel-filled connectors are fine and this is what I used too.
The same applies to the question of screw contacts versus modular plugs. The difference is probably small enough to use whatever is more convenient.

said by FusionOnRGYB :

I've removed the biggest offenders to the DSL signal, but if I replace both pieces of flat phone cable with Cat3 will there be any significant improvement at this point?

It would certainly be better if those two sections were twisted pair cable as well but it is hard to say whether it would improve your speed significantly (or at all). It will mostly make your line more resistant to interference from external noise. However if there isn't any such noise causing interference right now it could mean a lot of effort and no gain in performance to show for it.
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