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[HN7000S] Testing my download speed.

What's the best program for testing my download speed?


Coos Bay, OR
I don't know, but I have been wondering how accurate those indicated speeds are when downloading from YouTube and other sources where a program gives you a speed?


reply to DBM14386
I found a link to a Hughesnet system performance page which should test my download speed, but I can't get the page to load. Anyone else having this issue? Here's the link:

»consumer.performancetests.hughes ··· net.com/


reply to DBM14386
said by DBM14386 :

What's the best program for testing my download speed?

Each method used can skew the results, some more than others, etc.

Programs that measure file downloads (larger files), tend to be more accurate. Networx has a Speed Meter, but you have to start/stop it.

Internet sites like Testmy, Speak Easy, FCC Broadband Test, etc., can give rough ballparks. But with Testmy, for upload tests of decent size, like 2.9 Mbytes, its good...for downloads, the result can be accurate if the testing is done the right way. Sometimes, I have to use 100 Mbyte file download.

I use various test sites and locations:




»www.ispcompared.com/internet-spe ··· test.htm


Also, a test site's location can make a difference.

Of course, if your pages are not loading within five seconds, and if Youtube is buffering, then you know you got a slow connection.

My main concerns are pages loading and video not buffering...having a 1 mbps download speed or 30 mbps download speed means nothing to me...just pages loading OK, and video playing OK...I can wait on file downloads, if needed.


reply to DBM14386
Thanks for the info. I called technical support and of course they couldn't help me, so they "escalated" the call and said I should receive a call back within 48 hours. We shall see...