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Kamloops, BC

[BC] Shaw HDTV

I have a Samsung 46" Series 6-30? it has 120hz but its only recieving 60hz. i have the DCX 3400-M and i am using the HDMI cable. Is it possible to fix it to 120hz or is that not something thats avaliable yet.


Calgary, AB

I'm going to copy and paste wikipedia here so forgive me,

Common HD Modes:

1080p Frames per Second 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60

Does it matter if your TV does 120Hz or not? I'm not aware of any sources that are 120Hz. Outputting 120Hz (From DVD or DCT) when the input is less...

Turning the power off to the DCX3400, then Settings

Mine is set
TV Type 16:0
YPbPr Output Native

Native Mode Settings
1080p 30fps - Greyed Out
1080p 24fps - Greyed Out
x 1080i
x 720p
x 480p
x 480i

They may be greyed out because I am using component and not HDMI, but this shouldn't matter as component works well at 1080p.
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