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Rialto, CA

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Re: [Free] Secunia PSI - Personal Software Inspector v3.0

Yep, if SSL scanning is disabled, you won't have any problems with the PSI. I have been fiddling with SSL scanning and thought I knew the issues, but it seems that there will be new issues every morning, sort of like blessings, I guess.
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Some further information by Munib Rehman, Secunia Support (forum):

• a list view will be added in the upcoming version, that will be released in the end of July.
• the version information in the right-click > help, will be corrected.
• some users have had some performance issues with PSI 3, which our development team is working on fixing as well.
• the coming PSI release will also provide a link to the relevant Secunia Advisory.

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Re: [Free] Secunia PSI - Personal Software Inspector

Secunia PSI - July 26, 2012
...we have released a PSI 3.0 maintenance build that fixes a number of issues and introduces a few new features (the full change log is available at »secunia.com/products/consumer/PSI/sys_req/ and I have copy-pasted it below as well for your convenience).

Based on your inputs, we have added a detailed (list) view, including criticality ratings as well as the number of installed programs, and you can also get direct access to the Secunia Advisories on the Secunia website (right-click a vulnerable program for 'More information').

I hope you will like it. Please let us know what you think.
Morten Stengaard
This is a minor maintenance release. The primary changes are:
Detailed view: The user can decide whether to view the list of programs as a detailed view or an icon view
Criticality: The detailed view now includes criticality ratings for programs that need updating
Number of installations: The detailed view shows the number of installed program versions
More information: Right-clicking a program that is not up-to-date now provides a link to more information (the Secunia Advisory on the Secunia website)
Add notification to install Microsoft Update if it is not installed
Bug with "long scan time for initial scan" has been fixed
Language selection when upgrading between major versions has been fixed
Ignore rules created in PSI2 are now ignored after upgrade (since the way ignored updates are handled has changed)
Manual downloads for updates to 64-bit programs don't try to download the 32-bit versions
Warning about unknown variable has been fixed
Updates to translations of non-English versions of the PSI
Correct notice about trusted sites to point to psi3.secunia.com
Various minor bug fixes

Download: »secunia.com/vulnerability_scanning/personal/
Forum announcement/discussion: »secunia.com/community/forum/thre···e_is_out
Gladiator Security Forum: www.gladiator-antivirus.com/