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Orleans, ON

[TV] Remote PVR Managers

Both my iPod Touch app and the on-line PVR managers refuse to delete several programs which were watched and then deleted directly from my PVR. I posted this problem months ago and the answer was that Rogers periodically cleans up the readings. Does 'periodically' mean once a decade as the problem still exists!!!

I can go to either the app or web site and delete these false listings, but when I again check them, assuming the app/site loads, there they are!!! They do not show when I check the PVR directly. I know its a minor problem but its very annoying - yet another Rogers 'almost right' policy I suppose.

Any comments on how to get this corrected without having to delete ALL the saved programs?


There's nothing you can do. The app just sucks and hasn't received any updates for almost a year. Rogers just doesn't care.