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Midlothian, VA

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Re: Simple Answer

I think short term this a huge PR blunder but the sheeple will continue to buy their products unless this remains the big deal it is. This effectively turns your router into a PS3 and by that I mean you really don't own it. It's not yours to do with as you see fit unless you are FULLY aware of how to prevent them from totally mucking your router.

And what is to stop them from making the next gen router do this right out of the box where don't have a choice but to only use the 'cloud connect' stupidity?

This is a sad development from Cisco and I look forward to buying and recommending Asus and other manufacturers.

That VoIP Guy
East Lansing, MI
I'm pretty sure that the latest model of these routers are shipping with this new firmware.. So... then there's that...


Superior, WI
said by quetwo:

I'm pretty sure that the latest model of these routers are shipping with this new firmware.. So... then there's that...

and what happens when someone figures out how to log into other peoples routers? It wont take long, and before long, someone can fuck with your router and never even have to be on your network. Some things need to remain off the cloud, and local hardware management(unless you need otherwise, which is fine, set up remote access, its there on most routers already) should stay local. It leaves less chance of someone getting on your network. And with the routers ability to track what your doing, it only leaves a matter of time before someone exploits it for personal gain(by siphoning the data, with credit card numbers ect...). I give it a month before its compromised and they are then issuing an "upgrade" that gives all the same functionality without the cloud interface.

North Tonawanda, NY
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Agreed. Back in the days of DNSChanger malware being abundant throughout the P2P community for music (Read: Limewire), often times malware would change settings such as DNS Servers and routes in a router if the malware was specifically designed for a router and the admin password was left unchanged. Adding in cloud features, granted an exploit can be found, could easily bring about this same issue once again.

New Castle, PA
reply to quetwo
So, the cloud is evil. Who knew?