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reply to taco_hell

Re: i hate ATT I really do!

said by taco_hell:

asjamias, ATT does charge you for the fraction, let's say you go over 1-2 gigs from the cap you get the 10 dollars fine.

I've got charged for going over twice and it's not impossible to use more than 150gig, if your house has more than 2 computers, and both computers are watching netflix stream and besides that, buying games through steam, hulu, normal browsing, playing online, patches, skype, wi-fi calling if your cel phone has no reception in your house (android ftw) all that eats 150gig like an Ethiopian in an all you can eat buffet.

I know.....

I was just wondering how much extra bandwidth = charges...

that's why I jumped to Comcast biz where I could use my connection freely...I never was able to see how ATT does this bandwidth monitoring = charges thing.......

I got more than 3 internet connected devices at home that connects to netflix and other streaming services.