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Las Vegas, NV

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Cisco doesn't seem to understand..

What the idiots in Cisco's executive suite apparently don't understand is the fact that this kind of blatant Orwellian b.s. is NOT GOING TO FLY with the techies who VERY OFTEN are the buyers/recommenders of equipment for their companies/friends/customers. I can tell you right here and now, I *used* to be a big fan of Cisco, recommended them/wrote PR's for them for the last 20+ years in my day-jobs, but that ENDED with this over-the-top insanity.. Yeah, I know this is on their low-end residential products, but how long can it be before they *try* (notice I said *try*) this on their enterprise gear? WHEN that happens, the backlash you're seeing now will be tiny compared to the backlash at that time...

A company I'm consulting for needs a small business router, VPN, VOIP support and I was considering one of Ciscos Integrated Network products, but there's no chance in hell of that happening now..

The fact they locked comments on their blog tells me they *know* damned well how bad this crap is to their customers, and they just don't want to hear the "FU Cisco" comments...