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Austin, TX
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reply to lll808lll

Re: Any wireless providers with no throttling? sprint?

Your 3GS won't work on Sprint by the way. It's GSM only. The iPhone 4 has GSM and CDMA variants; the latter works on Sprint. The 4S has both rolled nto one phone.

As for unlimited on your phone vs. PC, I'm going to take a guess at what the WiFi hotspots just up the road are connected to: cable or DSL. You can use your computer on those hotspots as well, assuming you've got a laptop.

And, as I said, you can do a heck of a lot more downloading on a PC than you would realistically doo on a phone. Sure, you could stream Netflix over 3G and hook your phone up to a big screen TV, but those use cases are rare. Pulling a few hundred gigabytes down on a desktop connection...not so rare. I've done it for multiple months in a row.