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Cordova, TN
reply to cableties

Re: mylowes card?!?!?

said by cableties:

said by Gbcue:

Unless I get coupons like 10 off 30, 20% off one item, on a regular basis (like Kohl's), the card is going in the trash.

Agreed, except with Kohl's 'read the fine print'. Bought new home, needed home stuff (towels, kitchen appliances...) and Kohls had a sale. Gal at register is like, "Sir, do you have Kohl's card?" nope. "Well, as new customer you will get 50%-75% off this purchase!" Deal. 2 weeks go by and statement shows up, ok. But, it is due in THREE days! Fine, pay it off, send in. Next month, they send me a LATE FEE! After hour on phone (hold, supervisor, hold...), they "forgive me as a new customer". Apparently, it is less than 25 days (more like 20) from billing, but that includes the time it takes to get to you... not knockin their deals, but never again use their card.
PS. Went to Lowes at lunch to get some paint/caulk. Sure enough, cashier was like "Do you have a Low---" NO THANKYOU!
"But it.." NOPE. Ring it up pal. Not for me. "But..". Boy, they must get a commission on how many they give out because he was persistent.

I don't know how many of you are old enough to remember Grant's Department Stores (they went out of business decades ago), but one of the primary reasons they disappeared was because they got a bit too generous with their credit terms. So while I'm as happy as anyone else to get a 5% to 50% (or more) discount on occasion, I'm glad to see that they usually don't go overboard anymore. On the other hand, smart shopping is smart shopping (coupon use, bulk purchases during sales and such), so more power to the people who are clever about this.