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Re: [Internet] DOCSIS 3.0

I recently had an account issue that required setting up a new account for my service.

Since I was already on the line with local technical support, I asked if I could transfer my account to my D3 Cisco DPC-3000 modem.

They didn't have any problem doing this over the phone at all.

It took them all of 3 minutes to have me read the serial # and MAC off the label of the modem.

Switched out the old D2 rented modem and I was online in a matter of minutes.

I then took the rented modem to the BH office payment window and turned it in and was given a receipt.
This process was also took all of 5 minutes.

By the time I got back home, the modem was flashed with a newer firmware than I had on there from when I used it several years ago with Comcast before I moved into BH coverage area.

Even though I don't have a lightning plan (Turbo), the modem is bonding all 4 channels up/down.

Current Software Revision: dpc3000-v303r2391-100209a
Cable Modem Status: Operational

Downstream Channels

Power Level Signal to Noise Ratio
Channel 0: 0.8 dBmV 36.2 dBmV
Channel 1: 0.0 dBmV 35.8 dBmV
Channel 2: 0.3 dBmV 35.4 dBmV
Channel 3: 0.2 dBmV 35.6 dBmV

Upstream Channels

Power Level
Channel 0: 47.0000 dBmV
Channel 1: 44.5000 dBmV
Channel 2: 44.5000 dBmV
Channel 3: 47.0000 dBmV