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This is a sub-selection from Review is without merit


Apache Junction, AZ
reply to XANAVirus

Re: Review is without merit

XANAVirus, There are lots of crooks here who offer service and will take your money even though they can't deliver. None of them deserve or are getting a good review for providing bad service and trying to cheat me. Even if I wasn't annoyed by the crooks I feel it's my duty to warn others. You are in WV and know nothing about AZ so why don't you keep your opinions to yourself until you come out here and try it? Also, you don't have any reviews for anything I've reviewed. After you actually try them you can comment otherwise you should get a life.
BTW, Sipgate is not a crook. Even though their service never worked they did give me a refund, unlike all the others who were content to steal my money.

Lavalette, WV

1 recommendation

Okay then.
That is fine with me, it doesn't really bother me that you don't agree with me.
People fundamentally can't understand each other.

If you feel you must degrade me by stating that I know nothing about AZ, then that is what you must do even though it is not currently relevant.

If you want to you may offer any other words that you believe will degrade me, however pointless and unnecessary they may be.

I am aware that there are lots of crooks everywhere.

Telling me to get a life is irrelevant to your review.
As regarding my life, your review does not involve my life in any way so therefore you have gone off-topic and that was unnecessary for you to do.

Very well, then, it is good that you have gotten your desired refund.

So therefore you are satisfied and you may attempt to find another provider which I may or may not comment on.

It really has no importance to me whether I should or not comment, I simply decided to do so and it had no effect on you.
This is a sub-selection from Review is without merit