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Oakville, ON
reply to Cogeco_Aaron

Re: Cogeco phone out - THURSDAY until a service call?

said by Cogeco_Aaron:

Hi there,

Can you confirm if the service is working for your parents and if not, can you possibly PM me their address, account number or MAC?


I'll follow up with a PM, thanks Aaron.

I just finished speaking with my parents. Now that they had the DellVoice number set up and weren't burning their pay as you go cell minutes, they called back to tech support earlier this morning. They got a gentleman who they said was a lot more personable and helpful, so kudos to "Nick" from phone support for his patience with my parents as well as the actual tech support.

They ran through a few things -confirmed that with the house wiring connected to the RCA EMTA, no phones had service. Confirmed that connecting a phone directly to the EMTA, still no dial tone. I don't know what Nick did on his side; my mother said he said he "would try a few things".

Whatever he did, after that they WERE able to get a phone working connected directly to the EMTA after that, but apparently when connecting the house wiring back up to it, no go. Perhaps a wiring problem or hardware problem? Things were working fine until the outage Monday afternoon however, so it's not as though my parents did anything in particular.

So they have a cordless base plugged in which gives them a couple handsets in the house with service. This is acceptable for them until the tech can get out there on Thursday and get everything all running again.

Nick confirmed that Cogeco will compensate for the lost service as well as their cell phone usage. As long as things do get fixed on Thursday, and this compensation does happen, then that seems reasonable to me and I believe they'll be satisfied. They were originally quite upset, but again it seems Nick did well to both get service at least partially restored as well as assure them they can be compensated.

Thanks again exseven and Aaron.