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Re: [Software] Visual Studio 2010

You can install the free MSDN components on as many test machines as you want strictly for development and testing purposes only provided the user of that/those machines is covered by their own MSDN license (exception is Office, which the licensed user may install on a single machine for *any* use, not only dev; any additional installs are for dev/test only. This differs from the standard Office license that allows the user to install on a desktop and a laptop provided they are never used concurrently by different people.)

So, let's say you work for my company. We have 2 MSDN subs, 1 for each of us. Both of us have installed them on our machines and a few other real and virtual machines. Either of us can use any or all of those installs because each of us has a license. Along comes another guy who brings his own laptop but only has a standalone VS Pro license (no MSDN sub). He may use the same version of VS and MSDN components the standalone might install on our machines, but he may not use *any* of the components provided by MSDN that are not included in a standalone VS install, nor can our copies of MSDN be installed on his machine since we don't have a license for him. Now, if one of us left the company, that freed-up license can be reallocated to the other guy and he could the use the MSDN-specific stuff.
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