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I'M Here Till Thursday

Sudbury, MA
reply to neufuse

Re: Xfinity with TiVo Premiere XL4

said by neufuse:

*scratches head* well start a VOD video and disconnect the coax cable, if its IP then the video will keep playing, if its coax, if the tivo has a 3-10 second buffer, after that the video will stop

do you have to enter a comcast username / pass into the tivo to watch VOD? I don't have the newest Tivo box yet so I'm not seeing it on my current tivo's

? Did I really ask that? I've spent 6 hours in the last week reading screens off the cablecard setup, so my brain is fried. Yes, it's IP. I started a show, pulled the ethernet cable and show stopped, error message came on.

No entering anything, the paired card identifies you, and your account has to be authorized for VOD, through the billing department it seems.