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Palm City, FL
reply to Russ6

Re: New Guides for SA/Cisco Areas (Info from Ted Hodgins Blog)

I just posted a question to the blog regarding "new". I picked up a RNG200N two weeks ago from my local office. It was shrink wrapped and had never been issued previously. It had a manufacture date of May 2012. If this is not considered "new" and I have to swap it, I will keep the box and do without the On-Screen 2.0 guide. I can't see them having to swap all existing boxes. There was nothing but lines out the door and parking problems when they were issuing the DTA's. This could be worse!


If OSG 2.0 wasn't live in your area when you got your box, then you will most likely have to swap it out. The box you receive will be pre-loaded with OSG 2.0. I suppose Comcast is too lazy to actually deploy the new guide to customers. If they pushed I-Guide to boxes, certainly they can do the same here.


Des Plaines, IL
seeing how the centers still give out older boxes right now I err that being a MAJOR mess.