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This is a sub-selection from Only 5GB a month?!

Dallas, TX
reply to Rob_

Re: Only 5GB a month?!

said by Rob_:

Now you know why I want to make caps illegal, however, people just don't seem to care at the moment. When this takes affect and the average user find out, people will complain. Google.. bring it on


Well, I wouldn't mind them being legal if you were paying something like a $5 access fee and then about 10 - 20 cents per GB since that's close to real world economics (the $10 per 50GB on AT&T = 20 cents per GB) but I'm not going to pay a $30 - $50 access fee and then 20 cents per GB after it surpasses a 250GB cap, I can't even use less that 250GB per month, gaming, YouTube, Netflix, un-licensed anime, and just regular Windows updates between my tablet, and 2 PC's would eat into that in half a month, there's no way I'm going to start paying someone double for the same service...

Maybe if they did this and was like "guarantee'd to upgrade your connection speed at least 4 times a year (every quarter?) to double the speed or at least half of double the speed" I would bite for it, because then at least I'd feel like all that extra $$$ was going to something worth it, and they'd probably have to have some other clause in there saying the cap would get raised 50GB/100GB per year to accommodate the speed increases or something before I'd truly allow this, I'm not going to lie, if all the providers in my area start capping + overages I'll probably just completely stop purchasing internet all together and live off my UNLIMITED 4G service....

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