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·Verizon FiOS
reply to innoman

Re: Lack of competition

Pennies? Are you their accountant and / or a TWC network engineer ? Perhaps you sit on their board?

The cost to maintain/improve your last-mile connection costs pennies? I dont think I agree. Even if it did, Im pretty sure these corporations exist to make money. They arent providing you a connection pro bono.


The cost to move data is dropping (fractions of a penny) as well as costs to maintain the network year after year. Don't believe me? Look at Time Warners earnings in regards to broadband. Labor costs are already figured in so I don't know why you keep harping on that.

I'd rather my Internet go up than have to deal with ridiculously low caps. Perhaps you like being given the heave-ho in the backside but I don't.

Dallas, TX
reply to ITALIAN926
You know, I may very well be. Either way, I am not a brainless moron and I understand how the industry works quite well.

And yes, pennies... actually, as sandman says, fractions of a penny. I'm not asking for free, I am asking for reasonably fair. I believe the standard price of a typical connection is what, like 40-50/month? Take $5 off of that and it's 35-45/month for 5GB. I get 5GB using LTE for $50/month (which is a whole different issue). Then $1/GB over, it's absurd and you know it just as well as I do.

You can try to spin it in any direction you want, but I have to believe you are not so unintelligent to think it's not fair. As for network upgrades/maintenance, that costs but they surely aren't running any fiber out to my home. Verizon did that to quite a few homes and they aren't ranting about caps/overages, yet... I don't see TWC making anywhere near that kind of commitment.

I'm happy to pay for my connection and I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount. Even slightly more than reasonable as long as I am getting something close to what I am paying for. Those who are being capped like that... They are NOT getting what they are paying for, they are getting ripped off. Most are getting ripped off. For every person using 200-300GB/month, there are probably 50+ using 5-20GB/month. TWC isn't rewarding those using less, they aren't going to (oh wait... $5off/month... which most will probably end up paying back at least double because they went over 10GB--not understanding how things work). They are going to continue to collect hefty rates from them while they try to make more from those using more.

It has nothing to do with cost vs. usage and EVERYTHING to do with preventing loss of revenue for their TV services. Making money and greed walk a fine line, they past that line a thousand miles back.

Do you work for TWC?

Independence, OH
reply to ITALIAN926
that's because they do no not maintain there network at all.