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Re: [Internet] Not getting DSL Speed I paid For [Bell Canada]

said by vic997:

So I just recently upgraded my internet to Bell. They told me the only plan available in my area was the 5mb down and 1mb up w/15gb cap. I took that with a 120gb extension for a total of $55.95. So I was excited because this was faster than my old bell internet. The technician came, installed the internet and I checked the speed on speedtest.com and it was 1.02Mb down and 0.60 up, the tech told me that the speedtest website is always off by 2-3mb. I reassured him that I always use this site and it always gives the right speed. But he said, if there are any problems call Bell. So after 1 weeks of trying this internet, I was stuck with barely 1mb speeds and very slow web navigating. I couldn't even load a video at 360p without it buffering a million times. It's ridiculous. So I called Bell and explained the situation. They told me to go on bell.ca/speedcheck and it was 0.90mb. The tech (from idk what country) told me that he would get people to fix it. I said Ok Thanks. The next day, I see my internet has gotten even slower so I called Bell again. This time the tech guy told me my lines don't support the speed I am paying for. He said that the Max I could get is 1.5mb down. This is ridiculous. Why didn't Bell tell me that before I bought this internet. Are they allowed to do this and Is there anyway that I could make my internet go faster than 1.5mb. I am really considering going to another company.

You're probably to far from the Central office, so faster speed is impossible with DSL. Maybe you should check cable in your area.

BTW what speed did you have before your "upgrade" ?


Laval, QC

Before my upgrade, I had a 2004 or 2005 unlimited cap internet. I was getting over 2.5mb with a 10 year old internet.only Bell.