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Tallahassee, FL
reply to tc1uscg

Re: If you thought android updated frequently

said by tc1uscg:

However, I do wish FF would follows MS's process. Update on the 2nd tuesday each month.

Personal opinion, and off topic, it's the worst update strategy I've ever heard. If there's an update, release it. If someone wants to plan their updates every 2nd Tuesday, nothing's stopping them. I like knowing that for all my software, when a fix for something is released, it is available immediately.
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Sandy, UT
Oh come on, we all know it's better to sit on Zero Day Exploits for half a month because you have a police that says only release on the second Tuesday. If that means everyone is exploited then so be it.


Clinton Township, MI
reply to Maxo
Off topic? How? The model used by MS for it's updates allows users to be ready for updates. By pushing updates whenever they want, is a PITA and for those who don't have a big data plan, every byte counts so get it right the first time and allow the users to do the rest. If FF can't do this, then they are no better then the developers over at GO who seem to update GO SMS every other day. So, I've turned off my updates. Simple fix. When a new release is out, I'll check it out then and only then will I update.

And I was being a smart azz by the way about MS's every 2nd tuesday of the month.