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reply to OverUtilized

Re: [IA] DCC-ACK Not Received ??

I'm personally very familiar with this issue. So I'll give it a stab.

- DCC-ACK not received:
DCC = Direct client to client -
ACK = (TCP) acknowledgments (something like a "handshake" between your modem and the assigned node)

- TLV-11 - unrecognized OID:
TLV = Type (code usually binary)
Length (the size sent in bytes)
Value (the amount in clusters)
11 = A TLV protocol for modems
OID = Oracle Internet directory (Oracle's proprietary network service code)

- DHCP WARNING - Non-critical field invalid in response:
DHCP = Dynamic host configuration protocol (A shortcut to configuring a network device or assigning IP's and parameters; domain names, gateways,etc)
Non-critical field invalid in response = This is self evident and means your modem is losing sync (ISP) or unstable (bad modem)

- No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out:
No Ranging Response received = Ranging means the signal is sent in differing ranged increments to try and connect one way or another.
T3 = Is a time out description (T1 through T6) T3 means; ranging requests retry are exhausted.

Put it all together it means your modem is laboring pretty hard to try and keep in sync and maintain a stable connection.



Traer, IA
Thank you for your response that is exactly what I was looking for a little "dumb it down" for me to kinda figure it what exactly these mean.


reply to SmackWeasel
I thought that DCC was Dynamic Channel Change used on D2 modems to help with congestion?


Haha...So much for taking a blind stab. You've forced me to actually use my browser here SHotta35.

You are absolutely right and it does makes sense. I know that the
"ACK" acronym universally stands for acknowledge/ment and also remembered from my IRC days that "DCC" stood for direct client to client and assumed the same applied here as a conformation of transmission receipt. My humble bad.