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This is a sub-selection from [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet



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Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

These have all been tested during "Free time", early in the morning, and noonish. Those appear to be the best times to play games on Hughesnet. Around 8-11PM CST appears the be the worst time to play. I also try out all these with turbo page disabled and enabled, but disabled appears to work the best.

World of Tanks works. It has a heavy input lag, but it is playable if you can get used to the lag. Apparently there is some kind of lag compensation that kind of makes the playing field even more or less, even so you'll have a hard time hitting the more agile tanks. For some reason log in can take a long time, I've noticed that using the ipconfig /flushdns before you log in seems to speed up the login process.

Flyff works. Moderate input lag. Game randomly disconnects sometimes, and I'm unable to log in between 8-10 PM CST.

Runes of Magic works, patches are usually big downloads though so it's best to patch during "Free time". Little input lag, much snappier than other MMOs on Hughesnet.

League of Legends works, the input lag is more annoying than usual, be prepared to issue commands twice.

Runescape works okay, just wouldn't PvP in the wilderness if I was you. Like any other game on Hughesnet, there is an input lag, but it didn't bother me much because I used to play Rs on dialup all the time.

GunZ will connect to games, but is unplayable. You may register hits on your end but you won't actually be hitting anyone. That and people whine about your ping.

Dragon Nest works, and is kind of playable, becomes very difficult at higher levels. While on your end you might dodge an attack, the server will still register a hit on you. Makes some bosses harder than they actually are.

Soldat kind of works, but overall is unplayable. Most servers will kickban you if your ping goes over a set amount. You might be able to play on "climb" servers but the lag might make it look like you're using a hack. Was playable on Dialup so I thought I'd try on Hughesnet.

I tried Minecraft on the 360 and I wasn't able to connect to anyone, and no one was able to connect to me. I tried with 3 different people and results were the same. Minecraft over Xbox Live seems unplayable to me.

Battlefield Heroes doesn't appear to work. It'll search for a game and say it found one, after a minute it'll say connection lost.

APB Reloaded connects, but "rubber bands" too much to be playable. I played it for about an hour before giving up. I was constantly bumping into objects and running into walls and being killed before I could tell I was even being shot at. Unplayable.

I'll add more games when I can.


Wellsburg, WV
Tera Online (Playable) - Expect input lag. No disconnect's.

Tested 2AM-7AM(Free Time) Play's almost perfect. Minor Input lag.

Tested 8AM-7PM(Peak Hour) Minor Input Lag, From 8AM-4PM, Moderate Input lag from 5PM-7PM.

Tera Launcher Issues - This is a pretty common error. Sometimes the launcher wont load after the first inital patching. To fix this, Disable you're internet connection, Click the Tera Launcher, Wait 1-2 mins to get the error "Connection cant be made" Renable you're Internet connection. You will be able to login in now.

This error happen's 50% of the time. Just a work around for when it happen's