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Hilo, HI

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reply to Hedwig Kotov

Re: Cisco Cloud is just the first - other router vendors also

OEMs generally don't bloat the computers now as they did a few years ago. (Dell installs McAfee or Trend Micro but nothing else that is bloat). You buy from an OEM you can't remove the OS. Why would you want to anyway? You paid for it. I don't pay for things I don't intend to use. Besides, when you need to invoke your warranty (I always buy 5 years of warranty because it is well worth it as motherboards will probably die at least once during that period as well as CDRom drives, etc but mobos are the big thing). If you buy warranty then you have to reinstall the OS that came on the computer if you want to invoke the warranty. Why in the world would I pay for Windows 8 and then go and buy Windows 7 install it ...all that hassle and the bloated fee that Microsoft charges for Win 7 Pro...then need hardware warranty invoked and have to uninstall Win 7 and install Win 8? Besides, with OEMs now, even Dell, which was the last holdout, you don't get a Reinstallation disk and cannot order one for a fee...unless you are a corporate customer. Even Small Business customers no longer get reinstallation disks. You are stuck with what comes on the computer.

Of course, I want a router that is IPv6 aware. You like limiting yourself to IPv4 only websites? Most users already have "permanent" IP addresses. If you have cable modem and never shut down your computer, you will rarely, if ever, get a different IP address. I am a panelist for the FCC broadband tests for over one and one-half years now. I have a router from SamKnows that runs their tests every hour. I don't feel that my privacy is invaded because I chose to participate in this testing.

Linksy was not always Cisco. My Linksy router is ancient and was bought from Linksy not Cisco almost nine years ago. As for Cisco, gee, my ISP uses Cisco CMTS, routers, etc. According to your reasoning I should drop my ISP for privacy reasons and because Cisco may or may not have aided the Chinese regarding political surveillance of their citizens. So, how would you suggest I connect to the internet?
When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson