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Ottawa, IL

Having Difficulties Also

I'm really disappointed with the service. It has become unreliable. I experience the same trouble as everyone else. I have no complaints with tech support. They are responsive. I have followed their instructions for port forwarding but the intermittent problems still exist. Problems started to surface about 6 months ago. Some days I may only get 50% of the incoming calls, the rest of the time the callers - as well as on my end, will get dead air after picking up the phone when it rings. The other regular problem is calls routing to the failover number for no apparent reason. We can't all be crazy. It has to be their service. Prior to Voipo I was with Vonage and had maybe 3 service issues in 4 years. I am running out my 2 year pre-paid plan and if there is no improvement I will regrettably go elsewhere.