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Mchenry, IL
reply to why60loss

Re: Verizon LTE Data Meter

Not that big of deal to me. The auto update means nothing. I always clicked on it before because that gave me the most up to date. The auto update lagged behind.

I had unlimited and and the highest data I ever used was 3GB in one month. That was long travel month with some streaming involved. Otherwise I've never gone above 1GB in a typical month.

I have 9 phones and 1 iPad on 20gigs shared and we average about 7-10 gigs unless any of the 9 users are traveling alot. So we have buffer room and don't have to worry.

·Verizon Wireless..
·Time Warner Cable
If I only used 1GB a month, then I would not even pay for data. That may just be me. I have never used under 10GB on verzion and have went all the way up to 89GB, but then again TWC is no fun so yea. I am just going to guess that none of you do youtube, netflix or any thing like that. I don't even want to know what your bill look's like for all of that data + 30-40 a phone and a ipad.

Any way, I hope none on your plan ever go on a trip and hotspot 50GB of netflix. (Then I really would not want to see the bill)

Good luck to all on the low cap data plan's.


reply to nfgbrian
This is the only thread that I found regarding the 4620 and using a prepaid service. Verizon only advertises the old 4510 jetpack on their site in the 'prepaid' area. If I were to pickup a used 4620 from eBay, does anyone know how/if I can use it with a prepaid service? Do I need a SIM? Any help would be great.