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Proud Union THUG
Fort Worth, TX
reply to GrandMstrBud

Re: [IA] Mediacom shut me off

said by GrandMstrBud:

Haha, will you be one of them? Pretty please... I have people asking me all the time what to get and always referred mediacom because well they are fast compared to DSL but not anymore. When your in IT/IS people tend to ask for opinions on things. I'm sure it won't put a hurt on mediacom by any means but one persons bad luck with a service then word can get around so I'll do my part. Now it's not the cancelling part it's the ETF, I asked them 6 months ago what it would be and they said 150 and it went up to 240? Then when I call all I get is I don't know why they would have told you that.

No mediacom available here...

Wish there was. Charter is far worse, and I'm 3 miles away from FiOS in Fort Worth, TX.
I'm tired of killing stupid people just trying to do my job and go home!


Davenport, IA

The highest DSL for me is 3mb not even worth 10 bucks a month let alone 40. I get 8mb down and 2.5 to 3mb up on a 4G hotspot so it works for me. I don't have a limit so I'm good. It works for nearly everything but I can't get slingbox to work but I haven't used it in months anyway