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Fair Lawn, NJ
reply to flo1356

Re: [Northeast] New IP, now can't connect to Radmin Viewer 3.0


Still no luck connecting to the Radmin server so I can admin the game. My friend and his ISP friend feel the problem is still on my end. But now his ISP friend has gone to Ontario. I wonder if he will try and connect to the server from where he is. If he tries and can't connect, then I guess that would prove the problem is at his end. My friend has company this week until Friday also, so I guess nothing will happen. He did send in a tech support ticket to Radmin, but I don't know just what he mentioned about my problem. What I have tried to do to fix it etc. Radmin company replied that I should uninstall Radmin Viewer, and then run a purge cache which would result most likely in me having to reformat. It would get rid of all my .dlls in my puter from what I saw in Google. How could that be a problem if I can connect to my son's test server. I'm going to wait till next week and see if he will d/l a test server and see if I can connect to the test server. Don't know if he can d/l a test server though.