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Resetting Router

I want to set port forwarding on my router but when we got it(long time ago) we set a pass on it and everything and now when i go to the address, i don't know the login. I've tried the default logins but they don't work. I heard you could reset the router BUT it would restore all the settings back to default. If I reset it, will the internet still be up? Like no having to re-setup the internet WIRELESS password and crap because I no longer have the installation disc for the router or anything for it because it's a pretty old router. (over 10 years old I believe). If you could please reply with a response about my question about if my internet will still be up after i factory reset it, that'd be greatly appreciated.

Bloom County

You don't need a cd to setup the router. The reset will take everything to default including the default wireless security settings - which is likely no security at all. The internet is dependent on the modem so as long as it is connected to the ISP, the internet will be up but you will need to find the manual online, if you don't have it, and reenter all of the setup for the router.

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