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Columbus, OH
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reply to battleop

Re: Be Realistic

said by battleop:

It is a pain in the ass to support the customers equipment. The problem is that the customer pretty much never will accept the idea that their problem is with their equipment. Even worse is that the more advanced the equipment ( Think Tomato, PFSense, etc.) the more difficult it is to get them to understand the problem is with their $200 setup and not the $100k+ router on our side.

on the other hand, as WOW Dan found out in my circumstance, the problem *was* on their end. After my putting up with it for some weeks, he discovered some problems on their end.

That being said, he found that out only after I went and got a WOW cable modem that he could get more information from. I'm going to hold onto it for a month while I confirm that my own unit indeed is working properly with the infrastructure problem now fixed, and then I'll take it back. Easy peasy.

In the middle of all this comes the realization in the WOW community that their cable modems are stuck at no higher than 1.79Mbps upload speeds--regardless of the package the customer is paying for. We've made a bunch of noise and WOW Dan has confirmed this for a certain brand/model of the WOW supplied modems. Contrast this with my Surfboard 6120, which does not have this limitation.

So, forcing the customer to put up with the cableco supplied stuff--acquired as cheaply as possible--also forces the customer to put up with whatever limitations the cableco chooses to live with in this regard. I'm paying for 15/2 service, and in WOW's world "1.79 is within our tolerance level". I guess I'd have to pony up to pay for 15/5 and report that 1.79 upload speed before WOW would bother to do anything.

Hmmmm, I may just do that.....

But what WOW would do instead of fixing things is simply give me the other cable modem they have some of, the DOCSIS 3.0 model that doesn't exhibit this behavior. This would leave the 15/2 customers not getting what they're paying for.

In the end, the customer loses no matter what. Cableco wants his cable modem for his own purposes, then refuses to fix deficiencies in his cable modem and won't let me get my own. Cableco wins every time, customer loses every time.