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This is a sub-selection from Be Realistic


Columbus, OH
·WOW Internet and..
reply to rradina

Re: Be Realistic

said by rradina:

Agreed. Whenever I've had a problem, it has never been the modem.

I have to say, one time I had a problem and it was the modem. Fortunately, it was the cableco-owned modem.

But this is a funny story. I dealt with ultra-slow upload speeds for three or more weeks. I kept calling, and they kept sending someone out. WOW's strategy is to start with the customer site and move backward into WOW's physical plant, one step at a time.

Each time they came out they replaced the cable modem, regardless. They also started rewiring and replacing connectors and whatnot. Finally one guy, before he re-wired my entire house and backyard to the tap, just made a hugely long wire and connected it straight from the tap to the cable modem--no change. Aha.

So they went straight to rewiring along the pole, changing out taps, etc. Over three weeks they chased this problem, each time with a new cable modem "just because," and nothing---

--until one tech happened to get the one guy at the NOC who had the bright idea to reflash the cable modem with the current setup, "just because".

Voila. That was it.

Yes, after multiple cable modems, that's all it took. I asked: how could it be that every cable modem that you brought was out of date/compliance with the current setup? There's no real good answer to that.

All's well that ends well, but three weeks and thousands of dollars could have been spared had someone thought up front simply to re-flash the damn hardware. So in the end, it wasn't *really* a modem issue after all, not in the way that people would think.

And had I had my own cable modem installed, the problem never would have come about.


Chesterfield, MO
Are you sure they flashed it? Something smells really fishy if every cable modem they tried had problematic firmware.

I know this sounds unfriendly but I don't trust anyone. After having worked in IT for 25 years, far too often folks troubleshoot by changing more than one thing at a time. Once it's fixed, they don't have a clue as to which change actually fixed the problem.