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Lexington Park, MD


please please let us as consumers put a stop to this garbage.

in the 90s i opened a bank of america acount. at that time they offered a lower monthly fee if you agreed to use the atm for all of your transactions and you had 2 in office visits a month.

i was happy i never went in the bank anyway. fast forward about 2 or 3 years banks began to charge atm fees for using atms that were not supplied by your bank.

only a few people seemed to catch on to what wass happening but by using the atm and no teller visits the banks did not need as many cashiers. makes sense heck of a lot cheaper no longer having to provide benefits fewer hassles over all.

then the atm charges began and all of the banks were crying about how much it costs to service all of those atms which was a fraction of what they saved on laying people off. computer networks got better phone calls were cheaper and now the atms saved more money and at the same time customers were getting raped. these kind of changes are starting to become common. we as consumers really need to start putting a stop to these things.

just like making people use the provided modem it makes sense it can greatly increase customer satisfaction over all problems get dealt with faster need less tech support people and lowers the qualifications of the ones they do have. but then they turn around and charge extra for the modem when it was a complete win for both sides they pull this garbage and cry that it costs money to provide support....

could have gone this way:

sonic is going to change a few things that will hopefully bennefit the customer and allow us to provide the best possible support. we will no longer allow 3rd party modems on our network due to inconsistant hardware and difficulties in providing a solid customer experience. by moving everyone to the same hardware it will allow us locate problems that affect multiple users faster and can prevent numerous tech support calls. this decision will benefit everyone with service.

while there will be a new modem rental fee attatched we will be lowering it to help with the transition. we hope that increased quality of service and customer support will increase as we implement this new change.

instead we get the shakedown...

dear customer it was brought to our attention that you seem to be carrying more change in your pockets and because of skinny jeans we know about the 2quarters and 1 dime you are smuggling. from this point on you will give us all and i mean all of your lunch money. dont ever try to hold out on us again. thanks you for being a great customer have a nice day!