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Montreal, QC

Primus does not provide good customer service

I've got a problem since I subscribed to Primus and I am basically waiting for my contract to end so I can switch somewhere else. I live in Montreal, QC and primus always gives me an IP from Toronto, whether I switch my router on and off or whatever else.

Since I don't have a local IP, I am returned with results every time I search Google unless I go and manually enter my address. A lot of sites rely on the geo-data from your IP to provide their content, and its not always easy to tell these sites that your IP is wrong.

I contacted their "technical" service, and basically they want me to repair their mess. First, they told me it was Bell's fault because of the dry loop (!). Then they asked me for my last past 10 ips which I provided. Then they asked me to ping and traceroute my ips. Well, even the ip where to much to ask a customer. Good thing I have some technical skill with computers, but a traceroute? Really? Why don't they traceroute from their end, its just the same for them as for me. Will they ask me to go disconnect my cable from the pole next ?

What if it was my mother who asked for service at Primus? Surely, not everyone knows technical details about their internet connection. I am sure half the people here don't know how to find out their IP address, much less how to traceroute and such. Primus as any other supplier has to provide that knowledge for their customers. If their service is not what I bought for, they shouldn't ask me to do it on my time and dime.


They might have not fully understood what you were asking, but to be fair this isn't something that ISPs normally deal with.
GeoIP databases have absolutely nothing to do with them, they're built mostly on public data (usually whois and ASN info), and updated manually whenever corrections are submitted.

You could submit a correction to each of the major GeoIP players, but if you're on a dynamic IP it won't last for long.

With Primus if you're on a Bell wholesale line, they just grab an IP from a huge pool of IPs used for everyone. You could get an IP used by someone in Vancouver the day before, which makes updating location information difficult.
I don't know how the other indies do it but you'd probably see something similar.

Your best bet would be to get a static IP and send corrections yourself. If you miss some of the smaller databases, they'll eventually catch up. It isn't exactly a quick process though.