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Dallas, TX
reply to FFH5

Re: So for semi-real internet in rual areas

said by FFH5:

said by mmay149q:

If I could get the funding, I more than certainly would, but I'd also be the major stock holder, and if the other stock holders didn't like what I had to say about how the company is run I'd attempt to buy them out and replace them with non-douchebags...


If you could get the funding? From where? A bank? And they would then own your butt. Guess what, people don't lend you money without expecting to be paid back and with interest. And they don't lend money without strings attached.

And the Venture Capitalists have even more strings than a bank.

Yeah I already know that, and that's what negotiations are for while getting the funding, and etc, maybe negotiate a clause stating there will never caps on a hard line network, the network will be completely free and open with no traffic shaping for any one protocol should it be for or against the protocol.

And really, as much as I hate to say it (because I'd certainly hate for the ISP to fail) I'd hope that if I should get voted out, and this kind of mentality (horribly raping your customers when it makes no sense) became the norm for the company I helped build with that funding, that all the customers would leave and run them out of business, just like I wish consumers would do now, yes it would suck to not have internet for a while, but I literally wish there was a movement where people would just stop paying their bills/cancel their service with their ISP/TV plans for multiple months, that's the only way these investors and companies are going to learn to change their tactics...

See everyone believes the answer to these kind of crappy deals is to get the government involved because they always want to go the easy route without having to lose service or etc, but if American's would actually grow some balls and start cancelling their services immediately by the thousands until the company changed its position on the issue to something more consumer friendly (and continue doing this every time the company tried to implement the same thing in a different shiny new coat) most of the issues we face or gripe about today would be pretty much non-existant...

Anyway, it's not like I'd expect you or the real Mitt Romney to understand a free market if it slapped you in the face with a 2x4... in fact, it's supporters such as yourselves that have helped cause most of the problems we face today...

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