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Dallas, TX
reply to tshirt

Re: So for semi-real internet in rual areas

said by tshirt:

I understand the dream of doing it better and cheaper too. but remember the CEO works for the stockholders under the direction of the board not the other way.
The CEO with the best envisioned plan on earth goes no where if hr/she can't convince that limited group that it is to the benefit of the investors.
Should you convince them the cost and risk is worth the PR and will benefit "the company" in the long term you will likely be allowed to proceed, FIOS as we know came from such a plan, technically brilliant, financially marginal so far, and somebody doesn't work there anymore.

Yeah and I understand that, and as a CEO I'd be trying to sell the stockholders on ideas like our own equivalent to Netflix, or something else for generating revenue and ROI, I wouldn't be trying to limit my consumers choice and etc, and I'd hope in this situation that I also wouldn't be having to deal with also have a Cable/Satelite/etc TV network so I wouldn't have to worry about "Oh well I'm trying to do this over the internet so I can't do this, this or that because it will compete with my TV business"

Or maybe even I'd attempt to convince the investors that we should build or partner with someone to build an alternate to TV the traditional way over the internet that still provides ease of use and a nice remote to hook to the TV to compete with ourselves and everyone else, really the possibilities are endless when you really think about it.

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