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F-coupler question

I'm new at this. They really need a "Stupid Questions" forum category, I guess.

Getting new HD TV service in a couple weeks. I have the old RG59 coax cable coming into house from the pod. I asked Cableco if they need to replace it with R6, and they said to just try it and see, and if there are problems they would put a new drop. The RG59 terminates in house with a male F-connector. Is it OK to use an F-coupler and connect that to an R6 cable to the cable box? In other words, will an F-coupler accommodate both types of cables? Will the central female hole accept the 6 from one side and the 59 from the other side? Thanks in advance for any info.

Warner Robins, GA
Yes, the F connector will work. If the RG6 extension cable is something you have on hand, go ahead and use it. But do not run out and buy it thinking it will greatly improve signal quality over a short run of a few feet. The cable signal is either usable or it is not using the existing RG59. It has traveled a long way using RG59. Adding a few feet of RG6 is not going to make much difference. If there is a signal problem using RG59, you want to know as soon as possible, so the cable company can fix it. Wiring degrades over time. If you barely rescue the signal from failure using RG6, you are only slightly delaying the day when you have to make a service call and need rewiring.


Thanks. I'm only adding the R6 extension because I need a few extra feet to reach from the inlet cable to the cable box. Probably less than 10 feet. If the reception is not good, I plan to request a new underground drop of R6 from the pod. I just wanted to be sure that you can hook the 2 together with the coupler. I may even be able to talk the Cableco into a coax extension to connect to the STB. Thanks!

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59, underground, and your hooking up a new tv? Are you getting digital box?

underground 59 is oooooooooooooold.



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Yes and yes (and Internet, too). Cableco tech (TWC) in their direct forum said might as well try the existing RG59 and see if it works, and if there is a problem, they can "monitor the signal" for issues. It's about a 60 foot underground drop put in the early 1980's. Are you thinking that I should have them replace it from time zero as a condition of service?

If it is 59 and put in in the 80's then it really can't be that good, your just asking for problems. I would ask for a new drop for sure. Should be zero tolerance against using that crappy old 59. Your paying for a service and they should provide an up to date cable.


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said by Gemutlich:

they can "monitor the signal"

Translated: "ignore problems in the hope they go away"

I would cut that 59 drop. And demand a RG6 drop most cable companys have required 59 drops be repaced regardless of signal quality for atleast 10 yrs. Also depending on the shielding and proximity to radio and tv stations you may need some inside rewiring also. Don't buy RadioShack crap and DYI let the CC do the work they'll do a better job cheaper than you can buy the materials also tools for proper connector installation are expensive.

The E
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Burnaby, BC
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Wow, really??
My drop is a direct buried RG59 drop. It was installed in 79!!
Guess what? I'm running 25Mbps internet service, have two HD STBs and run Digital Phone service. And it's rock solid.

RG59 isn't ideal, but it isn't the devil either. If you can continue to eek out a couple more years out of it without problems, then don't worry about it. Although, a 60' drop of old RG59 is probably losing signal in a hurry.
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I think since I am starting new service, I'll have more leverage to request that they replace the drop now. They will be coming to the house anyway, since I get one outlet free installation, so for that they should be using new R6 from the demarc into the hosue.

Thanks to all who responded.

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Columbia, TN
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just FYI

They probably wont do the bury drop during the initial installation.

Reading, PA
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I had RG-59 drop at one time. It was 75 feet from the green pedistal to the grey "cable guard" box on the side of the house.

Initially it did work but after awhile I had to get it replaced. It was losing 12 dB of signal in 75 feet. I watched the tech read the signal at the tap and then read it at the ground block. Though my Internet still worked, it was a pretty poor signal.

What they did is lay a temporary drop of RG6 on the ground. 3 days later PA1CALL had my property marked with lines designating gas, verizon, electric, water, etc.. A week later a team buried 2 RG-11 drops. Then maybe a day or two later someone came out and terminated one of those drops and connected my service with it, and then removed the temp line that was on the grass.

My signal on the modem went from -13 to 1 on the forward and 53 to 40 on the reverse. My SNR was 32 but now its between 36 from 603-615 MHz and 38 on 639 MHz. Big difference, and the Internet feels much more responsive!

All new underground drops should be RG-11. I'm not sure if this is "Quad Shield". It just says PPC Perfect Flex on the cable.