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Swanton, OH

[Scam] Text-To-Voice Scam?

When I answered the phone yesterday, I heard a recorded announcement that I was receiving a text-to-voice message, followed by instructions on how to reply either by text or voice, followed by the message which was:

"Hi (insert first name of homeowner), I want to add your birthday to my contact list."

I'm guessing that this is either an attempt to steal some personal information or an attempt to get the target to signal when he/she is available to take a phone call so that another scam can be launched. FWIW, caller ID said the call came from 517-256-2425. Of course, I didn't respond but wondering if others have received a similar call. This the first one I've received. This call came on our landline phone and the homeowner uses a cellphone for voice only, no text.