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Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
reply to nwrickert

Re: [Scam] Card Services relentless phone calls revisited

said by nwrickert:

said by Mr Herb :

Go to Walmart or your favorite boating supply store and buy a canned air horn. Set it beside your phone and just wait.

Recently, most of these call that I have received have been obviously pre-recorded tape messages. I doubt that a horn will have much effect.

missed a very important part of that post:

said by Mr Herb :

...set it beside your phone and just wait. You will find yourself hoping they will call again soon. When they do, and they will, press 1 to speak to someone and when they answer try to blow their eardrums (and what little brains they have) out the other side of their heads.

but like Snowy See Profile says"I wouldn't recommend anyone doing this, it can cause injury to the other party."
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