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RIP lil
Rio Rancho, NM
reply to Mele20

Re: Cisco Connect Cloud

said by Mele20:

What Cisco has done is to violently '(emphasis added)' violate their users privacy with their cloud crap.

I don't know about others, but Cisco wasn't 'violent' with me. No physical force was used. This thread has good people debating the issue, with some posters assuring others that the world will not end if they are updated to Cisco Cloud Connect.....At least for most people. There is no need to call them 'ignorant.'

I suggest that, based on your post, you should look for one of the many other brands of Routers to purchase, where you will feel safe.

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Hilo, HI

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There's been an update to the Cisco blog. You tell from it that Cisco is rapidly retreating because of the anger from their very badly abused customers.

For your information, ALL router vendors intended to do what Cisco has done but Cisco got there first. Now I think the other vendors will rethink what do as far as the cloud and invading user's privacy with the intent to sell their information.

I don't object to users ignorantly deciding to allow themselves to be sold to highest bidder...heck that is what all the sheeple on Facebook have willingly chosen, what I object to very strenuously is a vendor trying to FORCE this on its users.

You believe that only physical acts can be "violent"? And users who believe that everyone should live in a glass house are not only "ignorant" but dangerous to the continuation of this nation as without privacy we no longer have liberty and freedom. In my mind, there is NO debate about this. You MUST be against Cisco forcing the cloud on its users. Cisco is retreating because of the storm of protest.

»blogs.cisco.com/home/update-answ ··· cloud-2/

Here's an excellent article about what Cisco was trying to pull...and it is VIOLENT.

»www.extremetech.com/computing/13 ··· retion/2
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