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Longueuil, QC

[Internet] Problème d'activation teksavvy/videotron.

Je copie ici mon post d'hier sur le forum de teksavvy. Je suis curieux de voir si quelqu'un ici a une idée.

Here's the whole story...

I moved to a new apartment on July 1st. The previous tenant, whom I barely know, was a client of Electronic box for cable internet on videotron's network and she filed for deactivation on June 28th.

Teksavvy can't go through with my service activation because the previous account at that address has not been deactivated. They need the confirmation number for the deactivation.

The fun starts here. I have no way of reaching the previous tenant. Electronic box don't have any records of her (from what little information I have anyways).

Videotron tells me they can't provide me the confirmation number because I 'm not authorized on the account and they won't accept any kind of proof that I now live here. Furthermore, when asked, they told me that if I took internet service with them, this could be solved, but they won't budge in the current situation. It appears that they won't finalize the deactivation until somebody provides a reseller with the deactivation number or until somebody buys internet service from them at my current address.

So now, I'm stuck between teksavvy and videotron both saying they can do nothing to help me. What do you guys suggest I do?

Since this definitely looks like anti-business practice from videotron, I will file a complaint against them at OPC and/or CRTC. However, any idea what I can do in the meantime? I could take 1 month internet with videotron and go back with teksavvy afterwards. Or I could go DSL, but that would be way more expensive.


Gatineau, QC
All you need to give Electronic Box is the postal code and they should be able to find the account.
That's assuming the last tenant gave the right one, but why on earth would you give the wrong one, if it's even possible.


Longueuil, QC
I did do that and it didn't work. Either she told me the wrong company she dealt with, or her record is already entirely deleted from ebox's folders.

Electronic Box CEO
PM me the info you have and ill check for you.

BTW if anybody is stuck in a situation like this you can also request a new install rather than a transfer. The cable company can install a second line separately.

We have this problem like 10 times a week when another TPIA forgot to send his disconnect request and/or is sending it late.