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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT

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reply to danclan

Re: Cisco Connect Cloud

said by danclan:

Well it would seem the internet spoke and Cisco was forced to listen:

»arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/07/ ··· setting/

CCC will no longer be the default setting, from my perspective this is exactly how it should have been from the get go.

Better yet they should have merely added another page of options and allowed you to optionally create a new CCC login that would then allow you to remotely access.

The end user remains in full control, Cisco can still provide cloud access and remote management and you the customer gets to choose.

That I have zero argument with...and yes, they could have avoided much if not all of the hard feelings by setting it up this way in the first place.

I am still using the cloud-based firmware, as I have no serious concerns (so far) with the implementation, but I heartily agree, that this was the approach Cisco should have led off with.

Maybe I am just not as quick as some to suspect a dishonest design behind Cisco's cloud implementation, but of course it would have made much better sense to offer the cloud-based firmware, rather than an auto-update. But, that strikes me more as a lack of fore-thought rather than evil intent.

Then again, keep in mind that I am on Comcast, and they flash firmware to your modem whether you own it or they do...so this doesn't seem as extreme to me as it otherwise might have...

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