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Cordova, TN

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reply to nonamesleft

Re: What country are sharp window air conditioners made?

said by nonamesleft:

I thougt grainger was a business only, and not for commoners.

There are ways. The last time I checked, if you joined the Farm Bureau (for example) for maybe $25 (?), you got to use their corporate account for shopping at Grainger's - maybe even with a discount. Grainger's isn't the only game in town, though; MSC is pretty good, too, and as far as I know they'll sell to anybody. And these days there's practically nothing you can't find at a decent price on the internet - eBay, Amazon, and a ton of other places - with no jumping through hoops unless maybe it's a legal requirement. I buy stuff this way all the time, but I do take precautions to protect my credit card number, just in case.