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Boulder City, NV

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reply to Badonkadonk

Re: What country are sharp window air conditioners made?

said by Badonkadonk:

When the economy recovers, ...


The economy has recovered. This is it. You're in it.

Of course this is all my opinion, but our Japanification began 5 years ago. Between the net zero population growth and automation, there are no net new jobs on the horizon. None.

The published unemployment rate metrics are a sham any way you look at them. Baby boomers are retiring at 10,000 per day, or 300,000 per Month...yet the economy struggles to create 100,000 jobs per month. This is what I mean by "net new". That's 300,000 people leaving their jobs - permanently, who are effectively being replaced by 100,000 people.

That math don't add up...it adds down. (if there is such a thing) This is why 1 in 2 new college graduates are jobless or underemployed. It's not going to get better, it's going to get worse.

I've said this 1,000 times here; there can be no new demand for products and services if there are no new people here. And there are no. new. people. (net wise anyway). Add to this, the other dynamics of domestic public & private debt, the absolute drain on society of these millions of retirees looking for their checks every month, the killer of companies seeking to offer jobs first to robots/automation, and the fact that there is no technology we can create & produce domestically that can't be replicated elsewhere in the world almost immediately. The barriers to entry in the world of technology are rapidly becoming non-existent. And remember, almost every new commercially viable technology that we can make, is going to be some form of further automation that kills even more jobs.

But I'm glad you're optimistic.

Naperville, IL
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I am absolutely optimistic. Maybe I've had good luck my entire corporate life since 1987, but I have no doubt that a strong degree (albeit it may have to be an advanced degree) from a good college is still worthwhile. At least for the coming generation.

Remember, I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you!
I spent the last two years of high school in a daze. I . . . tried drugs enthusiastically. --Barack "Choomer-in-Chief" Obama. I'm so proud of our prez.

Boulder City, NV

Exactly! Which is Pandora's paradox box:

said by Badonkadonk:

I'm of the opinion that the degree matters. We have hundreds of job openings at my present company that mostly require BS/MS/MBA degrees with a few AAS type degrees.

I wanted to comment on this as well.

We too have 100's of job openings, most of which require a degree. At least that's what's stated. Although I think the degree has become the new/defacto corporate aptitude test. Back in the day, companies use to give non-degree'd applicants aptitude test that revolved around a particular discipline and overall learning skills as well. But too many applicants that didn't pass those test sued, saying the test were biased in one form or another. Now companies just ask for a degree thinking that if someone finished college, they must have an aptitude for learning.

With respect to your organization have 100's of openings, like I said, our group does too. But this fact is in no way any indicator at all of the employment health of the country. As a matter of fact, for every new employee we bring on, I estimate that 5 other people loose there jobs someplace else. Because that's our business. Replacing a customers internal IT staff, with external services. 80% automated services.

So it depends on exactly what your company is doing right? I am willing to bet your company does something, be it manufacture a product or offer a service, that's more efficient than the competitors? Your company is gaining market share, while competitors (or whatever entity that your product/service replaces) are losing market share. If that's true, then while your firm is bringing on labor, somewhere someone's getting laid off...by an order of magnitude.

Like you said, all you gotta do is outrun someone else.