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Cortlandt Manor, NY
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Re: Give up my copper phone line to upgrade to 75\25?

Why would Cablevision impact your Verizon Copper while installing their own Copper - it's comparing apples to oranges... Verizon wants to get you off their copper plan because it's crap, costs them a lot to maintain, and they are forced to offer shared access to other carriers. Once they get you onto Fiber there is no going back to another 'POTS' type carrier and that is part of what they are banking on....
Personally I am ok with that... I dropped my copper land line for VoIP in 2001 and never looked back... 2 out of three major storms cable was back up quicker than patching all the single phone lines that got cut so my Verizon copper neighbors ended up calling their relatives from my house...
I had FIOS and was happy - went back to Cablevision for internet and am it is sufficient for a much lower price.... When we had the two freak storms last year (Irene and the NE early Snow) Cablevision had portable generators at the pole Power Supplies so the minute I got my own power back through Generator my internet and VoIP was up and running...
I am addicted to speed --- Boost + speed that is ---