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Hilton, NY

Just my two cents, Call retention and get a better price.

Since i started with Time Warner coming from telco PRI/ISDN service ive been a thorn in their ass about promised speeds, I called three times a row back in 2003 when my promotions were ending and told them i was seriously thinking about switching back to telco. What they did each time is put all my prices back to promotional and every 6 month's i get a letter telling me they are extended promotions, Of course a tech would have to come and the whole shabang, but its worth it to me. i have the "extreme" 30 MB down package and only pay for Lite and i have the whole shabang with tv and only pay for a basic. Everyone should exercise some good consumerism if they arnt happy before switching to other options like horrid DSL or overpriced Fios Call these people and wheel and deal see what you can get.