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Las Vegas, NV

[Prism TV] Avalibility of Prism TV

I live in Vegas, about 11 minutes from Mountains Edge (The only known existence of Prism TV in the valley) I'm wondering when CentryLink Prism is ever going to be available in ALL of Vegas. As of now, I feel like they need to either A. Quit advertising what I can't buy, or B. Offer it in my area. It's just poor business to spam ad's on every channel and not offer what they say they have in Vegas. I call once every 3 months or so to see if I can switch from Cox, only to be offered 10MB DSL and Dish. I don't want Dish, I want FTTH. This is going on almost 2 years now, and it's getting ridiculous. Either build out the infrastructure and offer it everywhere OR stop advertising something only the apparent "privileged" in Mountains Edge, can obtain.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
You are not going to get FTTH here in Vegas. There are a couple communities wired for it, but that's all.

Prism is delivered over bonded DSL, and won't support more than four active channels at a time. Only one or two will be in HD.

Prism is available in more than one area, but the build-out is slow. The DSLAM has to be fiber-fed, and upgraded to support bonded DSL. If you live near a CO, or a CL Store, Prism should be available.

When Prism becomes available in my area, I will just use it to get faster internet. I prefer DirecTV, and plan to stick with it for a long time.