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Plainfield, NJ
reply to SixOfNine

Re: So who upgraded from the 35/35 to the 150/65 bundle?

said by SixOfNine:

I spent a lot of time on the phone tonight with a tech support person trying to get my upload speed closer to what I'm now paying for. My download speed is OK but upload was only reaching the 30s and 40s in speed tests.

He was a trooper and hung in there for a long time. He went through his checklist and said that everything was good on their end. He then had me try several different tricks, reverting drivers, upgrading drivers, TCP tweaking, etc., but it was clear after a while that he was scrambling to stay one step ahead of Google.

He did a little finger-pointing by mentioning that there's a lot of posts on the interwebs about my Realtek onboard LAN. It didn't leave me with a warm fuzzy to end the call with tech support encouraging me to do my own research on sevenforums.com, but for those of you who are getting consistently good numbers using a PCI NIC, please let me know which one you're using. I'd be willing to shell out the money just to eliminate that possible source of performance issues.

If it matters I'm running Win7-64.

You should really distinguish what you see in a speedtest from what you actually get in a real life app-I get a constant 73 megabit/s when im loading my uploads to the max in real life and im using the Realtek 8110SC pci gigabit LAN controller