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Milton, MA
reply to szootman

Re: Post Your 2012 Clear Speed Test Results

I just had my lady friend go to speedtest.net. she gets almost 50megs down and 32up. I couldn't believe it. she has Verizon fios. we don't have it yet, Verizon has 2 DSL speeds and direct TV satellite in my area. I'm surprised because I am only 8 miles out of Boston and she is way down in a secluded area 20 miles south. I know when they get close to laying the fiber optic here comcast will up the bandwidth to try to match to keep people from jumping ship.
it is what it is as far as what I got and I concider it 10x better than clearwire!


Milton, MA
and BTW she pays $155+ to Verizon every month!!! that is all 3 phone,internet and TV. way too much if you ask me. I have two phones (cell) and the high speed internet for $39.99 plus the cost of netflix. $48 I guess,my cell phones are free both paid by my company with unlimited data and calling and text.